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I want to apologize to the readers of this blog.  I’ve been gone.

Life has gotten in the way.  Linda and my story much to our astonishment has went viral.  This week has been a veritable storm of activity.  Again I apologize.

There is so much of importance to talk about.  Within the next couple of days posts will resume on Hopeworks Community.  Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your commitment.

The 48th letter: Our skin in the game

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The 47th letter: Losing my home

July 9, 2014 by

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Forced To Separate For Health Insurance

July 8, 2014 by

Forced To Separate For Health Insurance
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Not to speak is to speak

July 7, 2014 by

Not to speak is to speak…..
Not to act is to act….
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Today is his birthday.
Words worth considering in a world where silence too often seems to make sense, where inaction seems to be just realizing reality.

No one should suffer with help available.  No one should starve in a land of food because they have no food.  No one should get sick in a land of medicine because they have no care.  No one should be lonely in a land of people because they know no one who cares.  No one should be treated unfairly in a land of laws because there is no justice for them.


The main thing

July 6, 2014 by

Focus-  resolutely and passionately make the main thing the main thing.

Accept accountability for doing this.

Try to do the best you can in all things.

Treat other people as a priority.

Live with the best attitude possible.

Learn always. Treat everything as an opportunity to learn to do better. Welcome life.

The 44th letter: please talk to me

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The story of Larry and Linda Drain

July 5, 2014 by

From Tennessean

Couple married 33 years separate so wife can keep insurance

The day Linda Drain put baby’s breath in her hair and said “I do,” she had no idea that government policies would tear her apart from her husband. But 33 years later, she and her husband, Larry Drain, separated so she could keep her health insurance. Six months into the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the Drains are among 162,000 Tennesseans who got caught in a coverage gap. Their household income is too little to qualify for a government subsidy to buy health insurance, and they live in a state not expanding Medicaid. Their predicament was caused by a series of legal, political and bureaucratic decisions that included the U.S. Supreme Court striking down part of the federal health law, but Larry Drain said he feels to blame.

The 43rd letter: What I want

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The 42nd letter: July 4

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The most important thing in life

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The most important thing in life is not how we change things or what we make of circumstances but what they make of us.

1.  In all things strive to be the person you want to be.
2.  Be kind to yourself when you are not.      You are a human being.  We are all short of what we want to be.
3.  Help others to do the same.  You will often see the worst in other people.  Don’t accept it as a final verdict.
4. Never miss an invitation to gratitude.  Even a little bit of gratitude is a big thing.
5.  You will find much to be sad about.  But there is much to be glad about.  They come as a set.
6.  Fear is okay.  Courage is the human response to fear.  Sometimes the most courageous act is owning the fear.
7.  Most good things seem to happen too slowly.  Most bad things seem to happen too fast.  But everything is a process.  Knowing where you are at is the best way to see where you are going.
8.  What you have to say matters.  Particularly when you say it.
9.  Choose the difference you make in life.
10.  Life is what you do with other people, not what you do to them.
11.  Some things don’t make sense. Sometimes the question is not “why” but “what now?”
12.  When you have done what you can do don’t beat yourself up looking for more to do.
13.  If you don’t take care of yourself you will soon find yourself unable to care about other things.
14.  Sometimes things don’t work out.  It is what makes it so worthwhile when they do.
15.  Pain is important.  Show your first kindness to yourself.
16.  There is nothing wrong with feeling better.  don’t make it more than it is but don’t make it less either.
17.  When you are confused know you have a lot of company.
18.  Make life more about what you do and less about what you have done.


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Normal is a measurement. It is the result of a comparision with where someone is with where some standard says they should be. By some standard everyone is abnormal, because in some ways we dont measure up to what we “should be.”

But it is easy to judge. We have a remarkable tendency to call names and assume that people are the names we call them. We have a remarkable tendency to believe that what they are called explains who they are and how they live. A large part of life is who is up or down, who is in or out.

No condition that I know of makes a person:

*less fallible, less self serving and less likely to see the things that make them look good and feel good.
*less capable of doing things to hurt other people.
*less capable of reaching out to other people
*less deserving of being treated as worthy
*have feelings that matter less than others
*less deserving to have a good life
*care less about mattering and living a life of purpose
*be less of whatever it takes to be a human being.

People have more or less trouble in life depending on their abilities, their opportunities, how they are treated, and the circumstances of life. Everyone has a hand to live with that is often unfair, unjust, and hard. That doesnt make them who they are. Everyone is more than their name.

We all deserve a chance. A fair chance. And part of treating others well is giving them the chance you feel like you deserve. We are all wounded. I just wish we did a better job of being Samartians.

MN Judge Frank Kundrat is denying TBI/PTSD/epilepsy Vet Mark Bowles a fair trial. | Wobbly Warrior’s Blog

July 4, 2014 by

MN Judge Frank Kundrat is denying TBI/PTSD/epilepsy Vet Mark Bowles a fair trial. | Wobbly Warrior’s Blog
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On the medical cost of stigma

July 3, 2014 by

I hope you will pray for my wife.  Yesterday she was diagnosed with encephalomacia.  It basically means softening of the brain tissues and is regarded as the most serious type of brain damage there is.  But it did not happen in one day.

For well over a year Linda has been going to ER’s with symptoms of what we now know is encephalomacia.  She has a mental health diagnosis on her chart and for a year has been blown off.  She has been told she is having anxiety attacks, seeking attention and told to get psychiatric help immediately.  It has been as if there has been a label on her forehead.

It didn’t have to happen this way. It shouldn’t happen this way. But it did, it still does for untold other people, and it will continue to happen tomorrow.

I read the other day someone saying we made too big a deal about stigma.  He was a doctor…You might figger….. 

The 41st letter: bless tenncare

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