On a good place to be

I saw a friend last night I hadn’t seen for quite a while.  She had been a fairly regular attender at our support group meeting, but with gas prices and work interfering she had probably missed 2 or 3 months of meetings.  I was excited to see her and let her know it.  Her first words to me were, “This seems like a good place to be.”


Catching up with her there had been some really bad times.  There had been a suicide attempt, a hospitalization, and probably as fundamentally as anything else just an overwhelming crisis in confidence.  Her professional career she felt might be dead.  It had become a lot more technological and the bipolar had just kept her from keeping up.  She had tried to take a class and thought that was too hard for her.  A long career that defined who she was seemed dead in the waters to the ravages of bipolar.


The job she was in was ending and she was dreading the battle to get another job.  Her confidence seemed so battered.  We just hugged on her as hard as we could.


Everybody needs to know “good places to be.”  Too often when stressed and overwhelmed we are like lone hikers caught and exhausted in a blizzard.  We just lay down to die.  We need to know when we lose track of “good places to be” we are in real trouble.


What are the “good places to be” in your life?  Do you know?  Do other people in your life know the good places?  It is such an important concept and so essential to trying to cope with mental illness. 


Last night was a good place for her to be.  Being with her was a good place for all of us to be.


Take care.  Tonight when you rest I hope God reaches out and helps you to find a “good place for you to be.”

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