Happiness and mental illness

Is it possible to have a severe mental illness and still be a happy person?  Much of what I have heard recently from people with bipolar or some other mental illness asks that question.  Perhaps because of  the holiday, perhaps because of the economy, perhaps for many other reasons so many people seem to be having so much trouble.  Therapists will tell you part of living with mental illness is learning to deal with loss.  But what do you say to someone whose biggest fear is that his biggest loss is the loss of any chance of happiness?

I have a lot of ideas about things I want to say on this topic, but I want to hold off for now.  I will write a followup  post to this later.  What I would really like to do is to hear from some readers.  What do you think?  Can happiness and mental illness co-exist?  What is your experience?  What are your answers?

Look forward to hearing from you.

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One thought on “Happiness and mental illness”

  1. Hey Larry. it is definitely possible to have a mental health diagnosis and still be blessed. it is all about what is our focus on? if our focus is constantly on ourselves and how we feel we will be miserable, but if we look at how big our God is and how GOOD He is it makes our problems seem small. it is our choice. i choose to be happy. i choose to be blessed. i choose to be loved (and i am). that’s what God wants for me. yeh, i have my ups and downs, but God is always good and He never gives up on me. (He is sooo Good!). our problems are temporary, but our hope is eternal, hallelujah! God bless, Larry, and keep up the good work.

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