Free Davon Acklin

Davon Acklin didnt just fall between the cracks.  He lives there.

He is 23 years old and an inmate of the Arizona prison system.  Like many people with severe mental illness he found out that a system which offers inadequate or no services at all to people with serious emotional problems leaves many of them in prison and too many of them in a hell which ultimately destroys their chances for  recovery and any kind of life worth having.

He may be dying. He has hepatitis C courtesy of the prison environment he lives in.  His liver has been affected and without serious medical attention his chances of making it much longer are virtually nil.  He has 10 months left to release.  His mother has appealed to the authorities to give him compassionate release.  She only wants to be with her son and if he must die she doesnt want it to be in a hell hole with people who look upon him as only a number and less than a person.  She wants him home.  She just wants him home.

He was convicted originally of assault with a deadly weapon.  He was psychotic, had stolen a battery.  Two security guards ran after him.  In a panic he brandished a box cutter at them.  His first year was spent in solitary confinement in a Super Max prison.  He found out that his punishment for being sick, being scared, and being psychotic was to have a planned, brutal attack on the tattered shreds of his sanity.  Imagine what one year in solitary confinement would be for you.  Now imagine if you were already emotionally ill.

There is some treatment availible in the prison, but the state of Arizona has a protocol to decide who should get it are not.  Davon doesnt meet the criteria.

He “committed” a crime, but he is not a criminal.  His family was trying to find placement for him before anything happened.  His illness struck first.

His mother tells me he has given up.   He sees himself as being alone and powerless against a system which seems determined to get its pound of flesh.  But you can help.

Take a few minutes out of your day and write him.  Let him know you care.  Let him know he is not alone.  His contact informatin is ….davon acklin 223880 aspc manzanita tuscon po box 24401 tuscon az87345.  It will be the best few minutes you spend tomorrow.  Please act.

Please spread the word and tell others.  Share this post with as many people as you can.  This is a horrible injustice.  Mental illness should not be a capital crime.  There are many, too many Davon’s.  Please stand for him.

In the next couple of days I will have additonal posts telling about other concrete things you can do.  Please spread the word…. And please, please, please HELP FREE DAVON ACKLIN!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Free Davon Acklin”

  1. how did he get HCV? this is a sad story and my heart goes out to the family, nobody should have to see their child treated this way.

  2. This makes me so sad. My husband is in an az prison with hep c too and i hve it as well and i know how sick it can make someone. How long has he had it? If he gets out now and got interferon and ribaverin treatments does he have the genotype of hep c that it will get cured??

  3. This is my first love I meet him a long long time ago he is now and always be my best friend I just want hime to know I love him and always will miss you

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