Tennessee’s First Peer Specialist Conference

On October 10th Tennessee will hold its first of what we hope are many peer specialist conferences.   Available research testifies to the  
potential of the peer specialist role  to be a powerful force for recovery.  At this point thousands of Tennesseans can speak personally to that experience, 
rather it be through their participation in peer support centers, in 
hospitals or a growing array of other programs making use of this 
role.  They know first hand that the lived experience of one person 
can have a positive benefit upon the life of another.  Thousands of 
other Tennesseans have been involved in things like WRAP, Bridges or 
other forms of recovery training that have introduced them to the role 
of peer support specialist and have begun to equip them with the 
skills to become a peer specialist themselves. 
Our conferencence is planned to provide information and skills to three 
broad groups of people: those who want to become peer specialists, 
those who are already peer specialists, and those who may supervise 
peer specialists or have further interest in learning about the ideas 
underlying it.   
Our keynote speaker will be Joseph Rogers from the  the National Mental Health Consumers Self Help Clearinghouse in Philadelphia.  As most of you know he as also been very involved in the planning and implementation of the Alternatives Conference.  Few people that I can think of have as much to say or as much to offer as him. 

We are extremely excited.  This is an idea whose time has come and we hope this conference will go a long way towards defining the conversation in Tennessee.  If you are in Tennessee I hope you will considering  joining us.  If you would like more information please let me know and I will be glad to see that conference information is sent to you. 

Looking forward to seeing you.


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