Sept 19, 2013…..endurance

Hopeworks recovery journal.

A friend wrote to me about his depression. “It really has nothing to do with being more optimistic… It can only be endured. You cant talk your way out of it… Anyone who thinks you can has never been depressed. It is like having manacles on your soul. What you do is try to outlast out. Try not to make it worse. Do even when you dont feel like it. Even when what you can do it small. Being active when you are depressed is not about making yourself less depressed. It is about building the strength to make it through. It is about putting a roadblock in front of what often feels like a runaway train. Sometimes it seems like it is putting a finger in the dike trying to hold back a tidal wave. So for me, I dont worry a lot about it getting better. It makes me try to control things I cant control and makes things worse. I worry about not getting worse. And I work with what I got….” Enduring what you cant control has a lot to do with finding a life you can control.


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