Thanksgiving thought

Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. – Theodore Isaac Rubin

The beginning of all wisdom it to know that it is not about you and what it is about is important. It is about knowing in a very real way that you are the quality with which you treat others.

The popular stereotype is that kind people dont really get it. They are naive, simple minded, and unaware of the real nature of things. Few realize that this is like saying if you dont go swimming with a 50 pound weight on your back that you dont know anything about swimming.

To be kind is to be smart. It is to go through life without having to worry about what happened or will happen, what people will say or wont say, what I will get or not get.

Kindness is an openess to loving other people. It is the hardest thing to see, but the simplest thing to know. The first wisdom is that of caring. Everything else comes after that


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