Peer Support lives

It was announced tonight in Governor Haslam’s 2014 budget for the state of Tennessee that proposed budget cuts that would have closed all 45 peer support centers in Tennessee has been rescinded and all peer support centers will be fully funded. 

Thanks to a governor who listened and to so many who spoke out.

It has been a good night for all of us. 

Much to be thankful for.  Glad to have some good news to share.

7 thoughts on “Peer Support lives”

  1. Oh Larry! That is THE best news I have heard in a long time!

    Congratulations and kudos to you – and to all the people who were involved in making this a “dream come true”, rather than a “living nightmare”!

    You guys must be celebrating tonight – right? Getting together with your friends and allies is such a wonderful way to celebrate a truly remarkable victory for all the people labeled as mentally ill in the State of Tennessee!!

    It is also a victory for the Peer Support Program! I would really like to talk with you about the details behind this success story. And I am not a journalist, but I feel like somebody needs to interview you and share this remarkable turn of events with every major newspaper in every State in the USA. I, for one, would be happy to post an article about it in our local newspaper.

    Are you game to do this?

  2. 45 Peer Centers – – I wonder how many people find recovery support service at these centers in one year. I wonder how many lives have just been empowered and possibly saved. Congratulations Tennessee on most excellent news!

  3. Thank you Governor Haslam and all those who gave up time and energy and came to a sensible decision regarding peer support centers. Thank you to Larry for your efforts to save peer support centers and in effect saving Tennesseans a lot of money and heartbreaks. Medicine alone can not heal but is a very important part of recovery. Psychotherapy and counseling is very effective and important too. With those two things people with mental illness have the physical healing and the mental healing that it takes for recovery. But without someone to model what recovery is and what it can do to transform someone’s life, and without the listening to the experiences of the sufferer with an understanding and compassionate ear and soul, the spiritual healing would never take place. The spiritual healing that comes with hope. Thank you again to all for the decision made and for giving hope to those of us with mental illnesses.
    David Dillon

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