Representative Murphy you got some explaining to do….

568,000 With Serious Mental Illnesses in States Without Expanded Medicaid
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Representative Murphy you got some explaining to do…

Last year 568,886 people with “severe mental illness” sought help for the issues they struggle with only to find that help was not available to them. They lived in the wrong state. Their state chose not to expand Medicaid. 351,506 people with “severe mental illness” sought help for the issues they struggle with and found help available. They lived in the right state. Their state had expanded Medicaid. The issue of access, the question of health insurance was the defining issue for close to 1,000,000 people with “severe mental illness” who wanted help.

Representative Murphy if it been up to you the 351,506 would never have gotten help. You have voted time after time to repeal the ACA. You have sought to remove the only mechanism that gave many, many poor people access to help. You have spoken often about the lack of services for many. Yet you would have removed any access to help for thousands and thousands you say you are committed to and I really don’t understand the disconnect that leads you to do that.

I think it is fair to assume that the 568,000 would be more likely to:

1. End up in jail.
2. Become homeless.
3. Die earlier than those who have insurance.
4. Be more likely to have problems keeping a job.
5. Have significant problems in relationships.
6. Be more stuck in poverty than those with insurance.

Your way, your position leads to the widespread misery of countless people who want help. For close to 1,000,000 people. Gracious alive….

But it is even more than that. 6.7 million people with serious mental health conditions would have been eligible for Medicaid if all 50 states had expanded. 4 million lived in states that did not expand Medicaid.

You talk about reform. Is there any reform at all if you have no access to services??

I don’t know if you even see the hypocrisy of your position. It is a shame. Many other people do.

You still got a lot of explaining to do.


3 thoughts on “Representative Murphy you got some explaining to do….”

  1. Wow, Larry! By far, your most impressive and insightful blog – EVER!! Have you shared the above comments directly with Rep. Murphy? If not, may I have your permission to do so? Of course, I would credit you with the commentary!

    I included Rep Murphy in my Gmail account several months ago so I could stay on top of him and his actions. I would be delighted to respond to one of his emails with the above commentary! He absolutely HAS to read it, Larry! And, truthfully, I think it just might make a difference in how he “does business” in the future. Okay, okay – maybe I am a hopeless optimist. But if your words have even a scintilla of the effect on Rep Murphy that they did on me, he will be compelled to make some serious changes in how he legislates!

    My proverbial hat is off to you, Larry! This commentary was a true gem/genius – a shining example of excellence in writing and thought!!

    With ginormous quantities of respect, admiration and appreciation to you and ALL you do for ALL of us!

    Kay Omholt-Montague

  2. Good post, but as far as I can tell, Medicaid doesn’t fund what I consider the 2 most valuable methods of countering anger problems -the Non-Violent Communication Training Course: and Transforming Anger – A short video of this method can be found at: – Nor does it generally pay for effective trauma healing methods – which often causes anger problems to increase in severity –

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