A Million Praises To Larry

This is Linda. I just want to share with Larry and everyone else just how proud I am of all he has done . This past year and a half has been the hardest and the longest for us both while we have had to live apart but that did not make him give up the fight. At a time of great discouragement he did not sink into the heaviness of his spirit. Instead he kept on pleading for governmental changes as we saw less of each other while we hoped it would work out that we could be together again soon. Change still looks far away but he will always be there for me and I hope to do the same for him. As it has gotten discouraging that we will be together anytime soon. I miss him. He misses me .
Now is there any ideas out there how to fix this lifestyle so these 2 old folks can spend their last year’s together? I am proud of Larry but I believe it is time to walk away from what depletes our health and spirit so we can nurture our lives back to good health and spirit before there is no more left to take. Love needs nurturing and I can’t remember us having a chance to even dream about such ideas. Please pray that some job or opportunity will open for him to qualify for medical coverage. Also pray that that the situation of us living together again would work out. Thank you for your commitment to him and for listening to his wife talk about how proud she is of him!


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