I live on $2.00 a day

This was written over a year ago.. In the last year I have listened to politician after politician talk about the problem with poor people is that they want too much, are chronically lazy and whiny and seen a whole raft of efforts to “manage” the poor by making sure they don’t get too much food, too much health care, too much of anything. Shaming, ridicule and scapegoating are increasing seen as legitimate public policy. In the end, it is far more dangerous to this country than all the terrorists in the world. When a country denies access to that countries promises because of race, poverty, social class or identity it injures itself in fundamental ways.

Hopeworks Community

Someone recently told me that I was unrealistic. They told me that I was too angry about too many things and I just needed to “accept that is the way things are.” I told her that there was a difference in what was and what could be. She told me that she hoped “I grew up soon.” I told her I hoped not.

It is personal because it is personal. The gap in this country between the poor and everyone else is greater and grewater. When I listen to people talking about cutting off unemployment benefits to millions with no where to go I want to scream. When I listen to millionaire congressmen talk about what a good idea it is to cut off foodstamps I want to scream louder. When I hear people talk about the biggest problem in this country is that poor people cost too much money…

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