Murphy on health care reform: Ideologue or advocate

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The quote below is from Congressman Murphy’s newsletter this week. One of the most frequent criticisms I have heard made of him is that he is not really an advocate for the seriously mentally ill but instead is an ideologue pushing a narrow political agenda that is more important to him than the people supposedly he cares so much about.

Four things are prominently known about the folks Murphy claims to care for. They tend to be disproportionately poor, have lousy if any health care, have at least one additional comorbid condition and most importantly they tend to die as much as 25 years earlier than those who don’t struggle with similar issues.

Ignore for a moment the content of the quote which might charitably be dismissed as delusional and distorted to the max. Dismiss for a moment that Congressman Murphy tries to take credit, as he is prone to…

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