The clock is ticking…..a plea for Insure Tennessee

In 2 or 3 weeks this legislative session in Tennessee will be over with.  Insure Tennessee will not have passed.  A bill supported by 70% of the people, virtually every newspaper in the state, virtually every civic organization, virtually every business organization, and virtually every health organization and proposed by a Republican governor with a huge approval rating to a Republican legislature was defeated in a Senate committee with virtually no debate.  280,000 people were left with no answer other than leaders who explained how they couldn’t lead, a governor who disappeared in the midst of the battle, and a parade of legislators who were against everything and for nothing.  What was missed was the urgency of life without health insurance.  It was an urgency those already receiving free health care from the state (like legislators) could never know.  It was the urgency of those sick who without care face growing despair and even death.  It was the urgency of those relying on emergency rooms for care.  It was the urgency of those knowing that nothing can be prevented.  It was the emergency of those who have to choose between financial ruin and basic health care.  It was the urgency of those living with real trauma at the hands of a system that dismisses them as disposable, lazy and who tells them they just need to try harder.  And it is the urgency of people who had finally began to start to believe in a system that had never given them reason to believe only to find out while many had heard few had listened.

It was a session where many senators showed what they really cared about.  It was a session of heroes make no mistake.  But it was also a session of unprecedented cowardice and opportunism.  It was a session that ended with the biggest newspaper in the state in a front page editorial telling a serving Tennessee Senator that the people of Tennessee were not assholes.  It was a session of shame.  Just shame.

And now the clock is ticking.  For me, for 280,000, perhaps for you, for someone you love, in a very real way for Tennessee.  Without a special session the wait is two years.  Honestly I don’t know I can do two years.  Many, many who were hopeful this time, wont make it.  It is not just that Insure Tennessee lost.  Lives were lost.  And a countdown too many wont make has started.

When you talk to your legislator tell him about urgency.  Tell him about clocks.  Tell him about ticking.  Tell him he can help, that you expect his help, that you deserve his help.  Tell him today.  Tell him tomorrow.  Keep telling him.

Pray for Tennessee.  We can do better.  We must do better.

The clock is ticking.  I pray it stops soon.


One thought on “The clock is ticking…..a plea for Insure Tennessee”

  1. My sympathies are with you and the citizens of Tennessee. This is the fate of almost all the former Confederate states and some Western States. Its really unthinkable in a state that prides itself on being fiscally conservative to not to insure Tennesseans. Every wage earner in Tn pays federal income taxes. You would think they would want as much of those federal dollars to be returned to TN. Yes even ACA is really a stimulus bill for the States. The Koch brothers and other Pac’s do not care about the working people of Tn. In almost all Western industrialized countries there is some form of universal health care. Insure Tennessee, even ACA and medicad expansion is not universal health care. It would have provided life saving basic not luxurious care to those who do the hard work. Yes the attendant who takes care of the person in a hospital that they cannot afford to use themselves when sick. The numerous number of Tennesseans who do important work along with the sick and dying. This is not about Socialism or even universal insurance its about the return of dollars to the State of TN. The amount of cash spent by the Koch brothers and other who have a endless pocket book to convince others to vote against the interest of their own people in these PACS is corruptible. Its an embarrassment that these legislators will see played over and over in the coming decade. I can see the lament of a grandchild.”Did granddad really vote against healthcare and kill all those people. Some will even in disbelief that a women actually prayed to god openly that sick children would not have care even when 100 percent would be paid forby this initiative. I dont know how m any Teneseans have suffered irreparable damage? How many have died today and counting? Its April 14,2015 Elections are held again in 2016 but it will be too late for the over 10,000 killed by such caluous inaction. This is the most fiscal irresponsible act of a Republican State legisture to spite the disadvantaged in some Eugenics like program to rid the state of those who are not able to donate to thier campaigns. Vote the bums out. Ask for a Recall!!

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