Is it about politics or policy: the continuing battle for Insure Tennessee

Hospital execs ‘on edge’ after Insure Tennessee failure
【from Next Browser】

The failure of Insure Tennessee was not a failure of policy. It was not this versus that. There is no option being debated. It is not a question of what to do as much as it was an argument not to do anything at all. It was not about vision or ethics or concern. It was not about commitment. It was about politics. It was about finding justification for not doing anything. It was about doing the safest thing and not sticking your neck out. It was about a fear of primary challenges and using rhetoric about Obamacare as an excuse not to act. It was not about a leadership that couldn’t help as much being about a leadership that failed to even try to help. It was about legislators that didn’t listen, that didn’t try and that at bottom line just didn’t care. It was about Tennessee at its worst when so many hoped to find it at its best.

It will be up to us to lay bare the urgency of action and the absolutely overwhelming human tragedy of inaction. It is up to us define now. Act now… Care now…Commit now. It is time now to speak again for a special session. It is time to tell the governor Insure Tennessee means nothing without his commitment to fight for it. It is time to tell leaders that their silence is louder than screams. It is time to tell them that not deciding is deciding. And it is time to tell them that an open mind in the face of moral dilemma is neither open or moral. It is time to say that death, sickness and injustice knows no neutrality.

It is time to say Tennessee can and is different. No one is backing up, going away or being quiet. It is time for the peoples house to listen to the people. It is time for business as usual to no longer be usual. It is time to tell the people that represent us that political reality is not as important as civic decency.

Insure Tennessee. We should…We can…We will.

Speak now.

Speak loud.

Speak often.


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