The Nashville Tennessean and the war for Insure Tennesse

We are not that vulgar term you called us, Senator
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Lack of Insure Tennessee debate inexplicable 
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Legislature’s fear is costing Tennessee thousands of jobs 
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Hospital execs ‘on edge’ after Insure Tennessee failure 
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Insure TN is vital for domestic violence survivors 

Famous name among state’s uninsured

The simply most amazing thing has happened. The Nashville Tennessean, the largest newspaper in Tennessee, has declared war. They have plainly said that the Tennessee state legislature is guilty of letting down the people of this state. They are guilty of cowardice and political opportunism of the worst sort. They have not listened to the people of this state and left 280000 of our most vulnerable without access to the health care they deserve. The Tennessean will not let them walk away quietly. They intend to spread the story of Insure Tennessee and to expose and share the shame of the legislative response.

They announced their intentions in a full front page Sunday editorial. That editorial is linked above and excerpted below. Also above is linked several of the stories the Tennessean has printed.

The Tennessean is at war and Tennessee has changed.

And yes….We will Insure Tennessee.


We are not that vulgar term you called us, Senator

David Plazas,

Senator Todd Gardenhire might as well have called all Tennesseans “a**holes” last week when he leveled the vulgar term at a man in the hallway of the state Capitol.

The man had questioned Gardenhire about how the lawmaker could justify taking taxpayer-funded state health insurance yet vote against Insure Tennessee, which would provide health insurance for hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans.

That disdain seems indicative about how most Tennessee legislators feel about residents in our state.

The verbal sparring happened on March 31 after the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, which Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, serves on, killed the Insure Tennessee resolution without debate.

Insure Tennessee, by the way, has the support of more than 70 percent of the citizens in the state…..

There’s an arrogance, an entitlement, a disregard for the common citizen and a lack of desire by many state lawmakers to have a robust debate about the most important piece of public policy in the state this year.

Compound that with legislative and state leaders who refuse to lead on this issue, refuse to create coalitions of support, refuse to move beyond partisan politics.

The see-no-evil-except-Obamacare mantra that has poisoned passage of Insure Tennessee shows that lawmakers are more interested in their own preservation than the long-term welfare of this state…..

Daily we will publish stories, op-eds from Middle Tennessee community leaders, letters from ordinary citizens and other commentaries. We will publish the amount of money Tennessee is losing by not having Insure Tennessee, the amount of jobs that won’t be created without it, and the names and contact information of legislative leaders and the Commerce and Labor Committee senators who voted against the resolution (including Gardenhire) or abstained.

There are many decent people, Republicans, Democrats and others, who are being courageous enough to fight for the people of Tennessee.

Senator Gardenhire: We are not a-holes. We are Tennesseans. We expect you and your colleagues to serve our best interests.”



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