Teaching the president a lesson : On sacrificing 280,000 to make a point

Governor: Call new special session on Insure Tennessee
【from Next Browser】

The link above talks about 10 reasons to pass Insure Tennessee. Taken together they give an overwhelming case to do the right thing and Insure Tennessee. They demolish the stale talking points against Insure and give lie to the sham argument this has anything to do with the practicality of this plan.

It has only been about one thing from the start.

“President Obama you cannot push us around. We are prepared to teach you not to try and push us around even if we have to use 280,000 Tennessee lives to do so. We categorically refuse to let you be successful in Tennessee, regardless of the human or financial cost. Nothing is more important than that.”

Take away the fancy words and political jargon and that is the sum total of the case against Insure Tennessee.

Their are words for those who try to make political advantage on the backs of the misery of others. None of them are pleasant. If they were doctors they would be guilty of malpractice. If they were lawyers they would be disbarred. Up to now in Tennessee they simply get reelected.

It is time to Insure Tennessee. Rather in this session or special session it is time. The lesson is not Barack Obamas to learn. It is those legislators who through political partisanship, ideological blindness or simple cowardice are willing to let 280,000 suffer and if need be die to prove a point or to protect their political position that need to learn.

Tennessee is better than you give us credit for. Insure Tennessee now. We deserve a better you. In the words of the song: We ain’t never, ever ever going to let no one turn us around. Never..

Insure Tennessee now.


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