I don’t know anymore.  I am angry.  No maybe more than angry.  Desperate or whatever is past desperate.  Really, really hurt….

Linda got hurt again tonight in a seizure.  I wasn’t there.  She woke up with blood all over her face, her glasses broke and ruined on the floor.  I don’t think she can see well enough to function without them.  No idea what to do about that.  No idea where to even begin…..None.

I haven’t seen her yet.  She warned me her face looks bad.  Will see her tomorrow.  Two days ago hurt herself bad in another seizure.  Cut herself bad under her arm.  Tore off a couple of layers of skin.  Doctors are afraid it will get infected.  Told her it would take weeks to heal.  Looks more like she was shot than anything.  She is in a lot a lot of pain.

A doctor has signed a form saying she needs a caretaker.  Because of seizures getting a lot worse real quick it just isn’t safe.  Found out today government will not allow me to be that caretaker.

We are both scared.

Insure Tennessee has died in this legislative session.  We have to wait…Don’t know how long.  I believe we will win.  I know we will never stop but long term victory just doesn’t help tonight.  I wonder how many people tonight in much harder circumstances than us are worried about whether or not they will see new days or if new days will ever really come. 

Sometimes even the greatest courage meets fatigue.  The last couple of weeks have been many battles and the next days will be the same.  Perhaps it is self serving and kind of whiny but Linda and I could both use a minute of mercy

Pray for us.  I believe it matters.  Pray for Linda’s safety.  Pray for a miracle with glasses.  Pray for the so many worse off than us.  Pray that leaving Nashville will not allow our legislators any rest from Insure Tennessee.  Pray for justice and maybe kinder times.

I know I am ready….


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