On the Titanic with Insure Tennessee

Feds review Tennessee’s uncompensated care funding
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Feds: Medicaid Expansion failure could cost state | Local News | Times Free Press
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Insure Tennessee is the lifeboat on our Titanic and our legislators would have not to worry about rough waters ahead.

Our legislators would not have us talk about deep water. They seem sure to do so would get them in trouble with the people in the boat and would advocate caution before dealing with those already drowning in the water.

The case for Insure Tennessee has been made so many times it seems redundant to repeat: serves 280,000 without insurance… Federal government picks up the cost…. Hospitals pick up anything left…. Hospitals in real trouble rescued…. Creation of new jobs…. Tennessee taxes back in Tennessee…. An escape clause in case it doesn’t work as expected…. It seems really simple: help a lot of people at no cost with no risk with lots of positive side effects. What is the problem?

The case against Insure Tennessee is also well known. Be careful or someone will accuse you of being soft on Obamacare. Fear and self protection over commitment and good sense. Pettiness and partisan politics over policy and long needed changes.

The articles linked above just drive home the point. The federal government is close to saying they are not going to play anymore. Tennessee may decide to not expand healthcare. But they can no longer count on the federal government to subsidize that choice. 750000000 dollars may be gone. The articles above explain it.

The iceberg is real. People are already in the water and don’t have to be. Without action it can only get worse. Closed eyes and wishful thinking will not solve anything.

It is long past time. Insure Tennessee now.


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