Do not despair…on the battle for Insure Tennessee

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Hopeworks Community

Do not despair
For no is not never
Mourn we must
Not for a vote
Or a meeting
But for lives
So close that
Must wait once again
Mourn for lives
Lost that need
Not be
Mourn for Tennessee
For justice deferred
And for promises
Once again on hold
Mourn for what
Could have been
But hold close what
Is yet to be
Know that your
Voice has mattered
That you matter
And Tennessee is different
Know battles are not wars
And that we need never
Accept politics over people
Ever again, never ever again
Share your commitment
Where ever you go
Today was hard
And so may be tomorrow
But know that
It is not an alone journey
Yours is a gift
Walk with those
Who cannot walk
Speak with those still
Seeking voice
Sing for those
Who think there are
No songs
And pray for those
Who only…

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