Note to Bill Haslam: Ron Ramsey is the worst governor we have right now

Reading the article about the end of the legislative session news conference in the Nashville Tennessee and one observation seemed real clear:  there were at least two people in the room who  thought they were governor.   And they both may be wrong.

Bill Haslam is actually the elected governor.   He seemed kind of unsure about Insure Tennessee.   He was positive it was the right thing to do but was less than sure about how to make it happen.  He seemed to think that perhaps legislators lacked education  and that perhaps more education might be the answer. I was unsure of that.   Insure Tennessee has got to be one of the most taught proposals of all time. If you have read any major newspapers at all it has been discussed,  explained and dissected at length. It just seemed remarkably naive to believe that more facts and figures were going to make a difference.

   Many people identified it with Obamacare  and no facts will ever affect how they think about that.   They remain firmly committed to tilting at windmills and killing dragons and I am not sure how many facts it would take to change that.

Others are afraid of someone calling them soft on Obamacare  and are waiting for someone to show them it is safe to care and speak out for the 280,000 without insurance.   So far they don’t seem very convinced.

Perhaps there still remains an uneducated group.   I hope so. I would rather the governor be right.

I wonder if you are elected governor but don’t govern if you are still the governor.   Ron Ramsey thinks he knows the answer.   Bill Haslam can’t really be governor because Ron Ramsey is sure he is.

Ramsey “philosophically” would prefer that Insure Tennessee be laid aside and Tennessee wait for Medicaid to become a block grant.   The fact that would require major legislation at the federal level that isn’t going to happen doesn’t bother Ramsey.   He is sure a Republican president  will be friendlier.   No word  how long he is willing to wait.

Note to Governor Haslam:  Governor Ramsey sucks.   You should consider taking over.

What stands out more than anything else in the press conference was the lack of urgency.   I kept hoping someone would ask them which legislative session they were actually talking about.

I don’t know if Ron Ramsey is the worst governor Tennessee has ever had. That bar is set pretty high.   But I do think he is the worst one we have now.   I wish we could be like other states and just have one.


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