The peculiar presidential politics of DJ Jaffe

DJ Jaffe (and the rest of the Murphy gang) have a major political problem.   Someone is going to be elected president of the UNITED STATES.   And it remains to be seen how the Murphy Bill will navigate that.

In one of his most recent bromide he talks about how Hillary Clinton is an enemy of “the seriously mentally ill.”  He further adds that although he is life long Democrat the Republicans are much superior advocates for the mentally ill. He doesn’t explain how the party against health care reform, against mental health parity, and for virtually every cut to social services imaginable (particularly mental health services) is for anything related to the needs of those with mental health issues. But none of that is the point of this post.

1. The Murphy Bill is going to have great difficulty getting past Barack Obama. The bill is basically an indictment of everything he has done on the issue of mental health.

2. Jaffe writes off Hillary Clinton.

3. He will have to explain eventually how Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and assorted others who have consistently come out against anything having anything to do with human rights, human needs, or human welfare are qualified to be president despite all they have stood for. And if he thinks any of them support Murphy he will have to explain how that is more important than all the other baggage they carry.

4. And many people will wonder what he uses for good sense.

I really wonder rather or not the Murphy gang will not put all their eggs in the basket of Republican victory in the coming election. It sure seems that way.

And I wonder if their eggs will survive.


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