Dear Governor Haslam: You are missing the point about a special session

Dear Governor Haslam:

You are totally missing the point about the wisdom of calling a special session.

It is not about who will change their minds and who won’t.

It is not about legislators who lack education.

It is not even about whether or not you have something new to add to Insure Tennessee.

It is not about what Ron Ramsey or Beth Harwell tell you is smart or advisable.

It is about not even about whether or not you think it will be successful.

And it is not about who you make mad.

It is about none, absolutely none of these things.

The point of calling a special session is to show people you haven’t changed your mind, to show people you are committed,  that you have a sense of urgency. It is to show people you can get angry and that your anger has consequences.   It is to show people that your support  means something.   The point of calling the special session is in what it says about you as much as what it says about Insure Tennessee.   No one will buy unless they buy you.   Governor the sad truth is they haven’t.

More time will not make it easier  or more likely.   People do not look for reasons to change decisions. Politicians in particular look for reasons to justify decisions.   Changing minds and then acting on it are not high in the skill set of most legislators.

The next excuse is already being previewed.  The next reason for inaction will be the hope of a Republican president and the fantasy of block grants for Tennessee. Wait and we are sure to get a better deal.

Aside from the fact a Republican president is far less than a done deal, aside from the fact that block grants require a major change in federal law the idea of playing politics with people’s lives is petty politics at its worse.   It is irresponsible and beneath contempt that Tennessee would allow thousands of lives to be ruined in service of the political ambitions of those they claim to represent.

Governor I don’t know it will fly without you strongly and  enthusiastically and commitedly out front. It is time to step up. Please.

Call a special session now.   You may feel like you have plenty of time. Too many people don’t though.

Act now. Insure Tennessee.

Yours truly

Larry Drain
Maryville, Tennessee


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