On the Christmas wishes of a Tennessee state legislator: The Santa Claus letters

Dear Santa:

I am a Tennessee state legislator and this is my early Christmas wish for Tennessee. I know you are checking your list and I am sure you will find I have been nice. I have been guided by sound conservative principles in all I do and I am sure you will find out I have been virtuous in all things.

I have a Christmas wish for Tennessee. Even with sound conservative principles I still know that a lot of people need health insurance. Could you please send us a health care equality expansion program. We have 280,000 that can benefit.

I would like for:

It to cost Tennessee as close to nothing as possible. Nothing would be great.

Give us a way to get out if it doesn’t work as planned that has no risk to the state.

Tennessee taxes should be brought back to Tennessee.

It should really help hospitals especially the small rural hospitals struggling so bad.

It should be a financial boon to the state creating new jobs.

Most importantly it should make Tennessee a more just place to live. It should save lives, reduce unnecessary suffering, and give people access to services that address the health challenges all people have.

Thank you very much.


Tennessee state legislator

Dear state legislator:

I have already granted your wish. I actually sent it last Christmas. I called it Insure Tennessee. Perhaps someone put it somewhere without telling you. You might check with Senator Ramsey or Rep Harwell. They should know where they put it. If they don’t know surely the Governor will.

I was really excited about sending the gift. Turns out it was the single most requested gift for Christmas in the entire state. I don’t really understand why something so many people wanted so bad that could do so much good was never used.

Yours truly,


Dear Santa,

I apologize. We didn’t know Insure Tennessee was from you. We thought Barack Obama sent it and ain’t no one taking anything from him. We are really sorry for the misunderstanding.

Listen if it is okay I would like to ask for something different for Christmas. If I try telling people that Insure Tennessee was not from Obama but from you no one is going to believe me. Let’s wait on the health care expansion. What I would like instead is a Republican president. Do you think you could do that??

Yours truly,

Your Tennessee state legislator

Dear legislator:

I am really good but even I have limits. On that Republican president thing… that is really more difficult than what I normally do. I suggest asking God. Perhaps things are slow for him right now.

Yours truly,



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