On Gandhi and Insure Tennessee: to an angry reader

To an angry angry reader…. ( I am in favor of insurance for all Tennesseans including members of the General Assembly but….)

There is a story about Gandhi that I once heard.   A parent had brought her son to see him. She was concerned about his diet.   I don’t remember exactly but I think she wanted him to stop eating sugar.   It could have been meat I don’t remember.

Gandhi listened carefully to the mother.   When she was done he didn’t say a word.   He asked them to leave and come back in a couple of weeks.   The confused and disappointed mother left.

Two weeks later she came back.   Gandhi talked with her son and got him to change his diet.

The mother was grateful but asked why he had made them wait two weeks.

His answer was simple:

“Before I could ask him to see about his diet I had to see about my own… (he had been eating the same thing the mother wanted her son to stop) ”

Gandhi is not a member of the Tennessee General Assembly.


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