Be embarrassingly loud and inconveniently visual

From a post two years ago….

“Tennessee is close to making a unique decision.  They will be one of the few places that implements health care reform without giving people without insurance access to insurance.  It seems like such a strange victory.  They are going to hold to “principle” and show the federal goverernment they cant be pushed around.  In the name of freedom they are going to tell hundreds of thousands of people that they are “free” to get sick, suffer, and die rather than be “forced” to have access to resources which might alleviate their suffering, improve the quality of their lives or even save their lives.  These people will find out they are citizens with an asterisk.”

The quote above is from a post written over two years ago.   In some ways we have come a million miles.   In some ways what was true then is still true.   There are still 280,000 people with an asterisk by their name.

And many of our legislators still pursue the most hollow, most strange,  most bizarre prize possible.  They would deny basic  medical care to those 280,000 to teach the federal government a lesson.   How very extraordinarily strange…

In case you don’t read the paper they are trying to put the fix on.   “Let’s wait until we get a Republican president… Let’s wait until the law is changed… Let’s wait for a block grant… Let’s fix Tenn Care first… Let’s wait…. Some things just take time.   Let’s wait.   People are blowing the problem way out of proportion…Let’s wait…. ”

The deck is being stacked now and if we wait for the next session we will find our hand already dealt.

It should not be easy for anyone to be a Tennessee state legislator when 280,000 of their fellow citizens are without access to health  care.   It should not be easy.  For each of us who care the task is simple.

Be embarrassingly loud and inconveniently visual…..

Be heard and seen.   Be persistent, consistent and involved.

Do democracy…. For the people… By the people.

Insure Tennessee Now…


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