Senator Ramsey you want a better deal…..better than what?????

Senator Ramsey you want a better deal than Insure Tennessee from what I understand.  I am not sure what you want it to be better than.

Better than:

No cost to the state of Tennessee

Covering 280,000 uninsured people

Preventing unnecessary suffering

Preventing people from dying for lack of medical care

Improving the overall health of the state of Tennessee dramatically

Bringing Tennessee taxes back to Tennessee

Helping rural and small hospitals dying or on life support

Bringing jobs to the state

Making Tennessee a more just and fair place for thousands and thousands of working poor.

Restoring the faith of thousands of Tennesseans from all works of life who have spoken for Insure Tennessee and found their voices ignored with little comment or interest by legislators more interested in political points that government in Tennessee is by the people and for the people.

YOU WANT BETTER THAN THIS????  Senator come on.  Is not the real problem that you dont want Tennessee to be better because of this???

In your video from what I could tell you listed 3 objections to why you thought Insure Tennessee was a bad idea.

1.  Doctors might not require people to pay their co-pays.  Somehow you thought that might unravel the whole edifice of everything.  I dont really understand how but still.  Even if not a single co-pay was paid I would like to hear you explain how that means 280,000 people should not have access to health care.  To say it sounds grinch like is to be unfair to the grinch. (We probably both understand this is not the real reason you are against Insure Tennessee.  This is simply an after the fact justification.  People can always come up with justification for bad choices.)

2. You had heard different numbers about how many people would be covered by Insure Tennessee.  You play dumb and confused very poorly.  You tried to portray yourself as kind of a helpless victim of people who keep on changing the rules.  You say you have heard 260,000.  Then you say you have heard over double that.  I have heard the 280,000 figure consistently but again can you explain how any of this translates into 280,000 people should not have insurance.  Senator the grinch is turning over in his grave.

3.  Finally the real reason.  Insure Tennessee in your ideas is a defeat for Republicans.  You want a Republican president who in “a perfect world” would give Tennessee a block grant to do its own program.  Senator I am sorry the law keeps getting in the way of your perfect world.  You would rather have 280,000 people suffer and die, families be destroyed, and communities impaired than suffer what you believe is a political defeat.  You are willing to sacrifice 280,000 Tennesseans for political gain.



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