On bullies and politics

This post was written over 3 years ago. Too much of it still true. I wish none of it was true.

Hopeworks Community

On one hand this is not the type of post found on this blog.  On the other hand it is exactly what this blog is about.

Bullies are not easily appeased.  They are unusual creatures.  Unlike most of us the more they eat the hungrier they get.

Bill Haslam is getting ready to find that out.  His response to the growing tea- partyization of Tennessee has been to “control” them by making sure he doesnt make them mad.  And while he is congratulating himself for his political acumen he is growing a force each day more bold, each day feeling more invulnerable, each day more insistent that their way is the only way.  He seems to feel like he is in control, but to me it appears more and more obvious not just that they will bite the hand that feeds them, but in time will bite it off at…

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