5,070,000 to 7: Basic math for the General Assembly

The full General Assembly should vote on Insure Tennessee: Vanderbilt Poll | Research News @ Vanderbilt | Vanderbilt University
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There are several important numbers to remember. One is 7. That is the number of people it took to deny Insure Tennessee a vote on the floor of the Tennessee General Assembly. The other number is 5,070,000. That is the number of Tennesseans that believe Insure Tennessee should have received a vote on the floor of the Tennessee General Assembly. If you do a little bit further math you find out that each no vote in the Senate committee effectively disenfranchised 724,285 Tennesseans.

According to the Vanderbilt poll 78% of Tennesseans wanted a full vote in the legislature for Insure Tennessee. Even people who weren’t necessarily in favor were in favor of democracy. They thought everyone should be heard. 83% of democrats, 73% of Republicans, 82% of independents, and even 68% of Tea Party voters all agreed. Vote. Vote. Vote.

According to the poll support for passage was strong. 64 % of Tennesseans were in support: 85% democrats, 49% republicans, and 42% of the Tea Party were in favor. There are about 6.5 million people in Tennessee. According to the percentages 4,160,000 are in favor of passing Insure Tennessee. Speaker Harwell said she didn’t have the votes. There are the votes. Many of them are Republican. Many are Tea Party. More than anything they are Tennesseans who think other Tennesseans deserve health insurance and a fair and just chance to find life, enjoy liberty, and be successful in their pursuit of happiness.

The Tennessee General Assembly has a strong disconnect from reality. They have a cavernous disconnect from the people they claim to represent. Share the numbers. Teach the math. And please share this post with everyone you know.

Remember each of the 7 no votes on the Senate committee disenfranchised 724,285 Tennesseans. They disenfranchised you. Government for the people must start with the people.

Speak now. Then speak again. Then speak again. Do not stop or desist. Help your legislator to understand that even if the session is over with he is not on vacation.

280,000 know no vacation from their circumstances.

Insure Tennessee Now!!!


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