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I read again the article about the end of legislative session news conference and I realized the single most important question of all was never asked. It was probably the only question that really mattered and I would have payed money to have someone ask it publicly to Ron Ramsey or Beth Harwell.

Insure Tennessee would have given about 280,000 people health insurance. It would have saved lives, prevented avoidable suffering and improved the quality of life for countless people, saved families and made many communities better places to live. THAT DIDN’T MATTER AND I UNDERSTAND THAT.

This legislature gave 280,000 people the freedom to carry guns virtually every where they go but did not give the same people freedom to get treatment for illness or access life saving or life enhancing medication. THAT DIDN’T MATTER. I UNDERSTAND THAT.

The program would not have cost Tennessee a penny. Between the…

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