Till the coming of new day

Till the coming of new day

In the night of life

Hope seems small and quiet

And shivers before the wind

That cuts to the bone

And clings like a tight fitting coat

That cuts off all movement

But never brings enough warmth.


Brings its own night

Its’ clock seems somehow stilled

And day

A tissue-paper memory

That comes apart in our hands

As we try to bring it close and real

Weariness hangs in the air

And is in every breath

As hearts

Grow tired and slow

And wonder at

The absence of the sun

Reaching in the dark

For new places

We feel like we are

One mistake from

Being forever lost

And stop fearful

Afraid to move

Dear God

Move among the shadows

Of our despair

Show us in Your love

That darkness is

Only of the moment

And that in reaching

To each other there

Is warmth and comfort

And the assurance of

New day and new light

God bless us

And leave us assured

That even in the coldest and darkest

Of nights

That You give warmth and shelter

Till the coming of new day..


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