The confusing Murphy Bill

Rep Murphy there is much about your bill that confuses me…

A partial list…

It seems like on every page you use the words evidence based practice.   It is it seems your holy grail.   Yet the, by a large margin, major financial cost of this bill is due to your efforts to increase psychiatric hospitalization which is no where close to an evidence based practice.   Your primary complaint against the existing system is that it doesn’t provide enough evidence based practices yet you want to fix the system by massive funding of something that is not an evidence based practice.??????

You criticize the system as being ineffective meeting the needs of seriously mentally ill yet the other intervention that you tout as being marvelously effective is AOT which is committal to the system you say is no good.?????

You criticize federal control of the mental health system yet you propose to create a massive federal system to replace Samhsa that would control tightly every penny that go to the states.   Existing programs developed by the states and seen as important by them would have to be shelved if they don’t meet your criteria.   You criticize federal control yet would increase it dramatically.????

You would penalize those states that feel like AOT is neither effective or needed or financially practical for their states.????

You would add millions to the federal budget by subsidizing further psychiatric hospitalization and then, without consultation or communication drop millions more on state budgets to fund the construction costs and other associated costs to increase the capacity for more psychiatric hospitals.  The states would have to divert funds from community services whether they wanted to or not.????

You lament the move from the medical model and dismiss the notion of recovery yet most of the programs listed in any compilation of evidence based practices would fall under the label of a recovery based program.????

You sing the praises of psychiatric expertise yet few if any evidence based programs are based on psychiatric expertise.????

You assume the sacredness of psychiatric medication yet ignore the problems many people have with it and the lack of effectiveness for many people.????

You say you are for mental health parity yet you are against health care expansion that would give people access to such services.????

You say the present system is unjust but would cripple or even destroy those programs whose job is to protect people from abuse or injustice.????

What gives?? 


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