On the cannibalism of advocacy

Dedicated to Joel Sax. An old post still too true

Hopeworks Community

A friend wrote me crushed.  She posted something on Facebook talking about how she believed medication had helped.  She couldnt believe the response.  It wasnt just that people told her she was wrong.  She was told she was stupid, dishonest, blind and a liar.  And those were not the worst things.  She told me she felt like someone had tried to eat her alive.  I dont think she will share her feelings anytime soon.

All I could tell her was that I knew how she felt.  I have also been told that I was stupid, blind, dishonest, a liar and many worse things.  I have tried to reason and respond to people who called me names thinking that if I could just get them to understand what I was saying that we could find some common ground.  And many, many times that did work.  But many times it has not.

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