The Archie Bunkerization of the American presidency

If you don’t know who Archie Bunker is you are way too young and you need to go back and watch some old shows of “All in the family.”   Archie was the lovable bigot who knew the biggest problem in the country was there were too many people who really weren’t American or if they were either believed the wrong things,  worshipped the wrong God or were the wrong color. He solved problems by figuring out who to blame.   He knew the names he called people really did explain why they were the way they were. Not much worked out the way he thought it should and he was angry…. almost all the time… about almost everything.  Most people watched to laugh.   He made it all seem funny.    But some watched,  probably more than anyone realized,  because they thought Archie was right.

Archie would be proud. The Republican party is seeking his vote.   We are witnessing the Archie Bunkerization of the race to be president in 2016.  Their gamble is that there are enough of him to make a difference.   Somehow they think appealing to the least common denominator of the most possible people will lead them to the greatest possible victory.

Donald Trump is today according to the polls the leading Republican candidate. It is easy to laugh but it is no longer a comedy.  I think he basically says what the other candidates are thinking but says it so hatefully and with so much venom they get to claim innocence.

It is a campaign that says the biggest problem in the world are the people that are not like you.   There are too many of them and they threaten everything important and everything you deserve. And if you vote for us we will protect and fight for you.

It is a  campaign based on fear and resentment.  It is about division and ultimately the political power of those who would divide us.   It is about governors who have shown they can’t govern,  senators whose only accomplishment are the latest sound bites and celebrities trying to cash in their fame on a new job and Donald Trump.

It is a campaign common sense tells me can never win.

But is also a campaign I never thought could be run.


One thought on “The Archie Bunkerization of the American presidency”

  1. Excellent article!,…And yes I grew up with Archie and there is of course a lot of clever writing and humour. That the show is/was funny and entertaining is supported by both its longevity and popularity. However, as this article points out, the underlying theme portrayed in Archie’s beliefs is not funny when fully understood.

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