What if….

What if….

Our relationships with others were a celebration of their worth and not a demand for their proof of it….

We believed that justice denied one was justice denied all…

Guns were not expressions of personal identity or political philosophy….

Kind was the most powerful way to deal with other people…

Politicians believed in uniting us rather than helping us to defeat those we are scared or jealous of.

Decisions were based on doing better rather than looking better….

Ordinary people realized when they showed extraordinary courage.

Everyone knew small steps were still steps.

The things we couldn’t solve we were content to make a little better….

The kind of person we wanted to be had more influence on the kind of things we decided to do….

We knew life was an invitation to learn if we would only accept it….

Many things are bearable if we only find reason to persist….

We knew the most important thing to know was what we didn’t know….

Everyone knew they had something worthwhile to give…

We could be as generous with others as we wish they could be with us….

We didn’t try to understand people by figuring out what was wrong with them….

We knew when we felt bad it wasn’t forever or about everything.

We knew sometimes things don’t make sense and they don’t have to.

We knew the greatest courage was not to be afraid of being afraid.

Every one had something that mattered and it mattered they did.

Violence was not a solution to the problem but a symptom of it.

Justice was a fact and not a demand….

We knew sometimes things were better and sometimes they were worse and we made sure not to forget what made things better….

We knew things being better for me did not mean they had to be worse for you….

We knew that one of God’s best ideas was not to make either one of us God.


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