The Murphy Bill: Old Wine in New Bottles or Rep. Murphy, We Can Do Better than This

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By Andrea Blanch, PhD, and David Shern, PhD

In June, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015 (H.R. 2646) was introduced by Reps. Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX).  Several groups have applauded the bill for focusing attention on the need for strengthening the nation’s mental health system.  Unfortunately, the bill proposes very little new, contains provisions that could prove harmful to the very people it is intended to help, and ignores significant scientific advances in our understanding of the causes and treatment of mental illnesses.

Others have criticized in detail the bill’s emphasis on institutional and coercive approaches to treatment rather than on effective, voluntary community-based services; the elimination or drastic reduction in important programs overseen by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA); provisions that would curtail or limit enforcement of civil and privacy rights; and structural problems with proposed changes…

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One thought on “The Murphy Bill: Old Wine in New Bottles or Rep. Murphy, We Can Do Better than This”

  1. I am so sad you believe what these people are saying. So much is pure fabrication. More is fear mongering.

    Here is what I replied to it with. Tell me where you see any factual errors.

    we could do better? Then do it. Murphys bill gives you the bones to put flesh on.

    Wrong emphasis? No. Just correcting whats been ignored too long, the neglect of those with nowhere but jails willing to deal with their far progressed downward spiralling conditions.

    There is nothing in his bill preventing those advocating (as do his proponents) earlier comprehensive services. In fact his premises and his experience as a childrens doc would well inform anyone that he is for such more effective and cost saving earlier services….anyone who did not have ulterior, hidden motives for attacking him on dishonest grounds.

    As happened when the old institutions were emptied, too many “advocates” are doing nothing but rejoyce that there are no teeth in our commitment laws, that everyone including the floridly psychotic are free to determine their fates and put personal freedom above public rights and moral obligations of we the people to insure life. To insure a rational persuit of happiness. Too many false profits of cure all snake oil are fearfull that they can not and never will pass the challenges of “evidence based” treatments. Even though they are given a number of years to do so. They know their “evidentiary” stats are rigged and or cooked. They know the easy SAMHSA funds for snake oil purveyors will be cut off and like rabid NRA they are sensationalizing..can i say lying? To get other providers of good programs up in arms.

    It is a sad day when this becomes our dialogue. Division. Fear. Paranoia. Instead of seeing what we all want. Instead of being trusting adults who deal with one another as adults with good intentions in our hearts.

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