There are no small successes

Survival is:

Doing as many good things as possible. Somethings make it more likely to be a good day. Do good day things.

Anticipate problems as far ahead as I can. “Getting worse” is a lot easier (and more effective) to deal with than “worse”. If you are standing out in the middle of the road cars get more dangerous the closer they get to you. From a mile off the success in getting out of the road is much higher than from a foot.

Have a plan to cope. Avoid all the unnecessary things you can. Cope with everything else. Use your plan. Change it to make it better.

Sometimes nothing works. No matter how well thought out or how hard you try things may not work. Get used to it. The things in the way are not in the way. They are the way.

Frustration feeds a desire and screaming need to be in control. You’re not. The pursuit of control feeds more problems than it starves.

Help. Give freely and receive freely. Know people that matter and let them matter. Easy to say…. hard to do.

Have a plan to survive what you cant cope with. Know how you can get past disasters. You already have many times. Make use of what you know.

Celebrate small successes. Eventually you realize there are no small successes.

There are no smooth paths. Life is not eraseable.

When a bad thing is over let it be over. Too often we don’t.

I don’t know our answers. Slowly I am beginning to realize some things don’t change. You do the best you can and try your best to be okay with it. Then you try again tomorrow.


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