Ordinary circumstances

I have come to believe over recent years that most people with mental health issues are ordinary people coping with extraordinary circumstances.   They are not as stigma and prejudice would have you believe deficient people messing up ordinary circumstances.

Much of what it means to have mental health issues is to have a history of hurt, of abuse,  of victimization.   Much of what it means to survive and even prosper with such a history is to be courageous.   The courage of people having to deal with significant distress as part of daily living is normally not seen and appreciated.   It is one of the most significant blind spots in much treatment.   The message of the incredible strength of troubled people and the potential of that strength as an essential resource in further change is just so seldom heard.

People survive disaster.   People learn from disaster.   People transcend the disasters in their lives.  

People hurt have a lot to learn to get past the injury in their lives. But they also have much to teach and it is long past time for all of us to recognize the courage of ordinary people and to know in their struggles we can find hope for our own.


One thought on “Ordinary circumstances”

  1. Thanks for being a consistent voice and presence. I have been reading your posts for years. It was wonderful to meet you for the first time on the conference call last night. I appreciated your words so, so much about the importance of kindness.

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