Do we still need to make Pamela Hyde illegal: The Murphy Bill as personal vendetta

The Murphy Bill is many different things.   It is in a major way an attempt to fire SAMHSHA administrator Pamela Hyde by passing a law making her illegal. It is an attempt by the legislative branch to control the management of an agency of the executive branch they don’t like by basically disemboweling that agency and creating another agency with a different name to do the same thing. It is a bizarre management theory and creates a precedent of an extremely dangerous sort for the next time someone in Congress gets mad at someone else.   It  really asks the question is personal antagonism a sufficient reason for legislative action and if it is have we not opened an incredible Pandora’s Box?

But today a solution has appeared.   Pamela Hyde is leaving.   Rather she was asked or she chose she is leaving.   And assuming someone is appointed that is either a psychiatrist or a psychologist do we still need  a law to make someone illegal who is no longer there?  I have seen nothing in the rationale for all these changes that says that Pamela Hyde leaving doesn’t destroy the reason to junk the agency she heads.


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