Page 163, line 13

This is the second post tonight on basically the same subject.   The Murphy Bill is  not just bad mental health policy.   It is bad government.

Page 163, line 13 is the place where it says that every single mental health grant proposal made by the federal government must be reviewed by congressional committees 6 months before it is awarded.   The activities of the federal agency charged with improving the mental health system in this country is to basically be micromanaged by congressional committees.   Can anyone say control issues?  The practical reality of this would be to give Tim Murphy extraordinary influence over whether or not specific grants are approved or not.

Again let me say again this bill is not just bad policy.   It is really bad government.  Murphy says he wants mental health policy to be based on sound research and “scientific truth”.   Given the Congressional record on global warming is this really who we want in charge of “scientific truth”?

Don’t you think the legislative branch needs a little more work on how to be the legislative branch before it tries to take over the executive branch too?


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