Stand up for peer support now… Put your name on the line.

The National Mental Health Consumers Self – Help Clearinghouse was founded in 1986 by Joseph Rogers. It has played a substantial role in the development of the notion of peer support in this country. It has helped to develop the vision that recovery is real and possible. It has helped to make hope common sense in a field that tried to tell people despair and resignation were the only realistic responses to “scientific truth.” It has a proud history, an effective and important contemporary role in broadening the notion and reality of recovery for thousands of people and promises to continue to make a difference in the future.

It matters. In a world where so many things just make things worse it matters.

Its future is in grave danger. Samhsa has indicated it may no longer offer support. There are only 3 other programs in the entire country that serve the same function. Only 3.

Please read and sign the petition. Please make your voice heard. Then share with everyone you know. If you sign and get only 3 people to sign and each of those 3 get 3 who get 3 and so on in a matter of days thousands will have signed. Please help. Act today.


Larry Drain


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