What if we started with the idea there was nothing to prove

What if our default setting in life was that no one is essentially better than me, nor am I essentially better than anyone else?? 

That would be revolutionary in my life and I bet in yours.

I think of all the times I nurse a grudge or hang frantically onto an injustice done or a slight received.  I think of how many times I disregard the worth of others or just dismiss with some kind of remark about “those kind of people.”  How many times am I content to look for the truth about someone else in what I or someone else call them?  How many times I wonder are my words meant to draw blood and wound?  How hurtful am I and how blind to that hurtfulness am I?

And I truly wonder how much of that would be true if I really lived as if all human beings were human beings.  What if there was nothing to prove, nothing to win, nothing to protect?  What if there was nothing to get because I already had what I needed?  What if life was neither proof or argument about our value but celebration of it?  What if I knew that there being a me meant there had to be a you?

It would unravel much of what troubles me.  It would leave fear a memory and discouragement not the result of the next events.  It would be the most profound step of recovery I can take and the greatest gift I could give those for whom I care.

It would not make hard times go away.  It would not make some people be less hateful.  It would not make everything fair.

It would just mean those things would no longer define the context of my living.

I think it is the most poisonous and killing illusion in life that it is all about what you prove or keep others from proving. 


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