I read a post today…..

I read a post today on Facebook about Tracy Foster and realized I was ashamed of me…..

I met Tracy months ago.  She had no insurance and the wrong kind of cancer.   She was at the state legislature advocating for Insure Tennessee.   She was asking for her life.

At the end I remember her crying in the hallway and me hugging her and her asking me if it was over and if it meant she would die.

She found some help with care.   A hospital volunteered that.   But she still has to buy medicine.   She still has to travel over 100 miles to get there each time she goes.   She still has to live and do the 1000 million things poor people who are very sick need to do to survive.   Some of her story is in the previous post realigned from the past.

She has a gofundme account. http://www.gofundme.com/dvq5cs

She needs your help. Please help. Please share.

I am so afraid she has become old news and she is so much more than that. There are 280000 people who too many would have become old news. If I am brutally honest I think Tracy became old news for me and for that I am ashamed. Do not let anyone be forgotten.

Someone asked me about the fight to insure Tennessee. Was it really important? In a time of so many important things was it really so important.

This is what I told them :

The argument in Tennessee is not about competing models of care. Despite all the high sounding rhetoric there are no competing models. It is an argument for care versus a feverish search to make abandonment a political, financial and moral value. It is not about how to care, but rather or not to care at all. In the end it is about making turning your back on the more needy and more vulnerable amongst you a virtue and political necessity.

If it is about abandonment it is about the everyday, deep in the pit experience of terror. It is terror not just of the sickness or challenges you face, but a terror borne of the spirit killing certainty that when you are the most vulnerable, the most fragile, the most needy that no one will be there. It is in the recognition that because of your poverty, because of where you live, because of many things, most of which you have no control that for some inexplicable reason it is against the rules for you to get the help you need. 

It is about a system that says because of your financial status you will most likely die earlier than your fellow citizens.

It is about a system that says that ordinary and expected illnesses that medical science can treat or cure may go untreated for you even if it should mean your unnecessary death.

It is about a system in which any sickness may present you with financial catastrophe that you can never get past.

It is about a system that threatens your ability to keep a job and provide for your family if you cant get the medical care you need to stay healthy enough to keep that job.

It is about a system that tries to tell you that you are the cause of why it doesn’t work well rather than the victim of how it does work.

It is about a system that threatens the safety and security of your family and that in the end tells your children something is wrong with them.

It is about a system that attacks the heart and soul of its members as much as it ignores their bodies.

It is about a system that treats poverty as a crime and a moral failing.

It is about a system that in abandoning its most vulnerable would have each of us abandon something of the best of ourselves.

It is about a system long past time to change.

Your voice matters. Speak loudly and more loudly. Do not stop or turn around.


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