On the worth of human life

From the archives. The 3999th post

Hopeworks Community

Adapted from an earlier post

We are engaged in a battle

to define the worth of human life…

In a land that defines itself as the best of everything

The question is whether or not
access to that best
need be an artifact of position,
or wealth or material circumstances,
of social standing and class.

In a land where no one need die of untreated illness
or sickness

Can we live in such a way that the benefits
of our knowledge and science
be a gift to all our people

must it be rationed only to those who meet some financial criteria or position?

The question is whether or not
some lives are disposable,
that people can cost too much.

And if people cost too much
what value, what true value
do we hold any life?

It is a question
not of what we can do,
or what we…

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