Our worst enemy and biggest threat

The posts you want to write are much easier than those you have to write.   This is  a have to and I  already regret it and I  haven’t even written it yet.   I probably will offend some, don’t mean to  offend anyone but hopefully we will all survive.  If you read this and have absolutely no idea what I  am taking about then rejoice I am not talking about you.

E. Fuller Torrey,  Tim Murphy,  and D J Jaffe and all their assorted minions are not our biggest enemies or biggest threats.   They are their own biggest enemies.   They have sabotaged,  mismanaged and messed up their thing far better than we ever could.

We are our own worst enemies… By far. If we can’t stand each other what difference can anything we stand for make?

The frequency and intensity of personal attacks is increasing. Perhaps I am missing the boat. (It will not be the first one I have missed) I do not see how this can do anything but marginalize the message and the impact we hope to make.

(The sound you hear now is me ducking my head to make sure no one knocks it off) Defeating the Murphys will not affect in any way the abolition of the psychiatric system that some hold dear. It will simply mean some bad ideas will not become reality. Maybe I am wrong and people are really fighting different fights and what I have to say is pointless. I don’t know.

Last point.. (I am ducking again) How is the intolerance and character attacks we hate so much from the Murphy guys any different when we do it??? I really don’t understand.

Like I said none of this is personal. Those who know me at all know that. I just thought someone needed to ask.


4 thoughts on “Our worst enemy and biggest threat”

  1. I 2nd that Larry- example, something of a dialogue I had with Phil Hickey awhile back. No other comments from others, although I think Phil’s response to my comment indicated no significant differences in reasons for psychiatric criticism or advocacy for reforms between himself (at least) and other ‘like minded’ individuals or groups :

    This is my comment to a comment to me from Phil Hickey, the author of an article titled “Why don’t you tell the truth about being a Scientologist?”(in Behaviorism and Mental Health), after I commented on the article. Can anyone shed some light on this issue for me/possibly others??-

    Thanks for this comment Phil. I was wondering if you could help me understand why there is such an apparently large or unrepairable divide between a group called Stop Psychiatric Diagnosis Harm, it’s founder Paula Joan Caplan, and the CCHR/Scientology.(?) I’ve never been able to get answers to that which seem rational or specific from their side(SPDH and Paula J Caplan). CCHR doesn’t seem to have a problem with them, and I think would be glad to work with them, as I would. I believe you’re certainly right that we (psych survivors, anti-psychiatry, reformers) are a David vs. a very monstrous Goliath, and I think CCHR would agree with your statement “… Our movement is in fact very broadly based, and includes people from all sections of the religion-secular spectrum, and, indeed, from all sections of the political spectrum. It would serve psychiatry’s interests to split us (divide and conquer), and for that reason, I think it’s important to stay focused on the factors that bind us (i.e. our rejection of psychiatry’s spurious and destructive approach) rather than on the issues that could tear us apart.”(Phil Hickey). How about Paula Joan Caplan and Stop Psychiatric Diagnosis Harm? -jim keiser, page admin –

    AND here is my original comment on the above referenced article:

    Many points in your article here I’m in agreement with. But Phil, you say here – “…the only common ground between Scientologists and me is the fact that we criticize modern psychiatry. Our reasons are very different…” What are the differences in criticism, and how are your criticisms different from those coming from Scientologists, and the CCHR? I am fairly new to mental health/psychiatric activism and protest, but was nearly buried alive by psychiatry beginning over 40 years ago. If it hadn’t been for the benefits I experienced from Scientology, beginning a little over 30 years ago, I think I would still be so disabled by psychiatry that I would be either dead, or too incoherent to be writing you today. I say this to convey the fact that I’ve had experiences with both (psychiatry and Scientology), and as a budding “activist”, I don’t understand the apparent criticism of Scientology, and/or it’s co founded CCHR, by other activists. Would it be the same if the activism against psychiatry were coming from the Catholic Church or other religious organization? Please, help me understand, I don’t like mysteries- jim keiser, Facebook page admin

    1. Dear jpkeearthlink, I’m going to jump over the political correctness police and let you in on an open secret. Whether CCHR is or is not Scientology is not the issue, anymore than the Salvation Army being a Christian organisation is the issue. The issue is that CCHR behaves remarkably similar to Scientology when it comes to shenanigans. They follow people, harass people, threaten people, and sue people with SLAP suits (where no one wins and the defendant is persecuted into silence or acquiessence.) I have some close relationships to people who work and have worked inside CCHR, and it’s very sad for me to be in the position of not being able to support the organisation I hold responsible for saving my own life. The situation is so bad that I can’t even share with you the names of people who have agreed to be interviewed for their documentaries and whose express wishes and contractual agreements were ignored. Why? Because those people are afraid, after being followed and served with bogus court summons etc. If CCHR wants to be part of the grown up game, they need to get very “CLEAR” about the nature of civil rights in the United States of America.

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