The core beliefs of recovery

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The following are, I believe, the core beliefs of recovery.  Each of them implies an opposite belief.  Where you fall on a continium between the two beliefs probably defines a lot about how you approach life.

1.  Life can get better…… You are stuck.  What you got is what you got.  Try to make the best of it.  The truth is that it is more likely to get worse than it is to get better.  Hope vs despair

2. I can help make it better.  It is within my capability, my reach to do…… I can’t really make a difference.  My ability is limited in a basic way.  I have defiencies which will limit my ability to govern my life.  Empowerment vs. Helplessness

3. I have the abilities and skills I need to make a difference or can learn the skills and abilities I need to make a difference.  I…

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