Is integrity possible??

I am almost 64 years old.   I have witnessed tremendous changes in my life.   I have survived 10 presidents.   I am not sure how many wars or other military adventures I have witnessed. I have seen us become a country more defined by what separates us than by what connects us.  I have seen us become a country that sees the government as the least trustworthy, least honest and least responsive force in our lives.  We have become a country of suspicion,  anger, and fear.   Politics has become a competition for the narrowest political interests in the loudest and most provoking tones.

And for the first time I am afraid.   I wonder is integrity still possible?? Is there a way, a force…. anything…. anybody… that can stop our descent into a country that no longer solves its problems, that no longer seeks justice for the least of its people,  where anger and violence are common sense and who to blame is the only real political question.

I don’t know. I really don’t know. The campaign for presidency has filled me with dread. If this is our best are we not truly in trouble? We have elevated hatred, fear, and prejudice to political platform. The only thing more surprising than Donald Trump has been how many have tried to find political credibility in becoming caricatures of him.

The rich get richer. The difference between them and the poor grows larger and larger. Politicians are bought and spend their energy explaining why the agenda of those who offer them financial support are best for America.

Can politics ever be about more than the personal ambitions and personal gain of those seeking or holding political office? Is the future set or is it what we make of it? Is hope realistic or simply naive?

I think we can do better. I think ordinary people can make a difference and I think life can be more about what we value or care for than what we are scared of or a angry about.

Bernie Sanders is the only person I have heard really talk about this. He is the only one whose message is not based on climbing over the carcasses of those he is running against. He is the only one appealing to the best in each of us rather than trying to harness our anger and fear for personal gain or ambition. He is a leader we deserve rather than just simply one more to fear. He is a credit to this country rather than a bad joke about its people.

Vote for Bernie Sanders. He is the only one who votes for us.

The man who believes in me has earned my faith in him. Don’t ask is integrity still possible? Make it possible.


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