The cost of the way we live

“It is not just a matter of the cost of living, but of the cost of the way we live…”

Linda Drain

In every discussion there are questions,  points,  and decisions that define not just the discussion but the kind of people we are.   What we do defines us as much as it defines a situation or our response to it.   And if we are to be the kind of people we wish to be then there are some things we can’t afford to not do.   There is a cost to the way we live.

The most aggravating,  enraging thing about the discussion of Insure Tennessee is not that there is a disagreement about how to solve the problem but an argument whether or not the problem should be solved at all. There is not one real option,  no alternative plan to Insure Tennessee that I am aware of.   The  argument is that we should not care,  that we cannot afford to care and if people get sick or if people die then….well they just do. And then that decision is  justified as somehow being a defense of freedom,  a blow struck for the people of Tennessee.

The politics of a diverse people must be based to some extent on a common sense of decency. Without that there is chaos. Politics decides how to do. Decency decides what to do, what is important and if you lose a common and shared sense of what is important you have what we have now.

It is about power. The lives of so many people in Tennessee are being mortgaged because some people think Insure Tennessee would in some way give Barack Obama a victory. And they are willing to pay any price…. Including my life, your life, your families lives, your neighbors lives, the welfare of your community….. Anything to see that doesn’t happen.

I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know that anyone does. I talk to some people who are optimistic, some that are not. In the end I tend to believe we win but I wonder how long away and at what cost that victory is.

Insure Tennessee is about more than insurance. It is about who we are, what we value and what we care about.

In the Bible Jesus talks about the importance of caring for your neighbors.

Will we care for ours???


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    From the archives. “The cost of the way we live…..” is an important idea. Today was a “day of action….” What if it wasn’t a day? What if it was a way of living? What if…….

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