Light one candle

“Light one candle for the terrible sacrifice justice and freedom demand….. ”

Today the” counting the costs tour” came to Knoxville. The tour is at least in part an effort to put a human face to tragedy. Over 280,000 people in Tennessee remain without insurance because of their refusal to pass Governor Haslam’s proposal to Insure Tennessee. The tour is about telling the stories, counting the costs for what it means for communities and getting people to realize it is about them….. It is about me.. It is about you. All of us are touched. There are no free passes.

It started a dark day for me. I read Senator Ramsay’s remarks that there was 0% chance of Insure making it through the legislature this year. It is a presidential election year and they want to see if a Republican president will give them a “better deal.” He has never explained what a better deal than free to the state is and I don’t think can.

Fear is a problem. Overwhelmingly I hear from people that Republican legislators are afraid of retribution, of primary challenges, of the Tea Party, of the Koch brothers. I have thought about it a lot and the only message I know to send is fear not. It sounds stupid I think. But I listened to the song above and how it talked about lighting one candle and that was all any of us could do. But it was important to light the candle.

I know fear and know it well. It is my every day companion. I fear much in my life. It crushes me to hear Sen Ramsey talk so confidently about Insure Tennessee not having any chance.

Light one candle. Fear not. Spread the word. It is time to Insure Tennessee. So long, so far past time.

The petition below asks you to spread the word to the Republican members of the legislature. I hope you will sign and spread it to as many people as you can.



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