Love vs Fear: the battle to Insure Tennessee

Advocacy in the end is a contest between love and fear. Fear is the you better do it or else. Fear is the consequences of not doing this is something you don’t want to even consider. Fear is we expect your loyalty and disloyalty will result in you being punished. Fear is we will be very angry at you if you say no and our anger is bad and terrible and you will regret it if you don’t. Fear is suspicion and attack.

Fear kept Insure Tennessee from being implemented this past year and unchallenged threatens to do the same this year.

Senator Ron Ramsey, the most powerful person in the state (and the real governor) made it really clear recently. Insure Tennessee had 0% chance of being passed this next year because he said it did. Someone could “bring it up if they wanted…” The implication was clear for Republicans though… Don’t. “A Democrat could bring it up if they wanted.”

Fear has operated on several levels and like fear always needs little proof, little fact to have leverage over feelings and actions.

Fear the proposal. “It will destroy our economy…. It will give Obama a victory…. It is a Democratic thing…. We won’t be able to get out of it….. It is taking money out of our pocket…. And on and on.

Fear the people making the proposal. ” This is really not about Governor Haslam. This is about the desire of the federal government to control Tennessee.”

Fear the reason for the proposal. “Hospitals are making money hand over foot and those that have problems just need to manage their business better. The people without insurance could just get a job like the rest of us. The sob stories are just sob stories. They always have a hand out. ”

Fear the consequences of the proposal. “It will financially ruin us. It makes a bigger problem than it solves. This just allows Obamacare a bigger foothold in Tennessee.”

Fear disloyalty. Their is a good chance that you will face a challenge in your next election. You do not want to make the leadership mad at you. This is your future on this line and if you let us down we will not forget.

Love is this is too good, makes too much sense, and is so needed we need to do this. Love is that I buy into the purpose and vision of what you are trying to do. Love is this is about a better Tennessee. Love is this issue is not reducible to partisan politics. Love is I am committed to doing this, not because of what that commitment will bring me, but because it is the right thing to do.

Love is what I care about is more important that what I am afraid about.

Insure Tennessee on every factual level is a no brainer. On the heart level it is a battle between fear and love. And sometimes fear wins out. It has so far.

Unless the advocates for Insure Tennessee find a way to address the issue of fear I fear they will lose. Ron Ramsey does not lose often or about many important things. Perhaps for some people education is what is needed but what I really wished I knew how to say to Republican legislators was “fear not.” Face the fear…. Ignore the fear… Do what you can… But don’t let fear define the issue for you. This is not about what happens to you. It is not about anything but 280,000 people and if they win everyone wins.

The petition above started about 8 hours ago. Please sign and pass it on to others. If you could get 3 to sign who could get 3 to sign who could get 3 to sign… Well you get the point. The numbers would be astronomical.

The message of the petition is simple. It is the message of this post. Act not for fear of what it means for you but out of commitment and concern for what it means to your fellow citizens.

It is long past time to Insure Tennessee. Please sign the petition and pass it on.


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