On waiting for Insure

For many people now life is like a flood.  They are on top of their house hoping that a lifeboat comes before the flood washes them away and they die.  They have been told that a lifeboat may be coming.  The scariest thing in the world is not to be in danger but to be in danger, know help is coming and wonder if it will get there in time.  There is a horror in wondering if you will be the last one not to make it.

That is what it means right now to wait on Insure Tennessee. A lot of fear right now is in wondering how long can you wait. What do you do when medical necessity and political necessity don’t match? What do you do when the people who make decisions about your life don’t think the quality of that life is something they don’t need to worry about right now? What do you do when their interests and your interests seem to be going in different directions?

Their is a word for politicians who do the right thing despite the personal risk to them. That word is hero. What do you say to those who aren’t?

I know for us the water is rising. In ways we don’t talk about that much anymore it rises every day. And too many people just seem forever dry.

I tell you freely and honestly each day I am afraid. Each day I am sad. Each day I am angry. Sometimes more than angry. I know that so many people are trying. So many people are talking. So many people are praying. And all that is so important and so good….

But somedays the water just seems higher and all you do is look for a boat you know that is not yet coming and hope.

And sometimes you look at the water and wonder what happens when you run out of time.


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